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Business Planning

Business plans can help you make even more money - learn how to use them for your advantage.

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Business Funding

There is funding out there - use someone who knows how to get at it

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Business Planning

Have you got a great idea but the banks just don't get it?

Have you an existing business that you are looking to expand?

Have you a business that is short of funds but long-term is viable?


It doesn't really matter :

  • How big or small your business is
  • How long you have been in business or with that bank
  • How charismatic you are....


.............banks like business plans - it gives them that comfortable glow! Something for them to hang their hat on!


You may have new ideas that need translating into something the bank understands and can rely on, or you may have a business that is expanding / diversifying and is looking for the bank to support your vision.


If this is you and you want some help with your Business Planning, we can have a free, no-obligation consultation so I can assess whether I can help you. Give me, Graham Niven a call today on 07866 568322