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Business Funding

There is funding out there - if you need it then use someone who knows how to get it

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Business Planning

Business plans can help you make even more money - learn how to use them for your advantage.

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Dont leave it again - get help to sort out your problems today

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The Outsider

Apart from you, who really looks at your business?

Is the only external assessment you get , the annual bank review and does this really help your business or is it just ticking boxes?


It is so easy to get caught up in your business that sometimes you cant see the wood for the trees. You live and breathe your business, believing you have all the answers. But is this true?


There is much to be gained by getting an outsider's assessment on your business - someone who will ask the questions you might not ask such as :

  • Why on earth are you making this product/ providing this service?
  • Does this activity make any money and if so, how much?
  • On what information are you making your business decisions?
  • If your customers knew you were doing this activity, would they be keen to pay for it?
  • Which staff members are with you, and which are the ones that cause you problems?


If you want a free, no obligation discussion to see if an outsider's view might help your business, give me, Graham Niven, a call today 07866 568322