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About Graham Niven

I am a lucky man - I love what I do!

As a qualified Chartered Accountant and having held numerous director positions in industry in the fields of Finance, Logistics, Operations and Customer Services, I realised that there was a lack of professional, unbiased advice for those seeking finance to either start, grow or transform their businesses.

I set up on my own with the aim of giving the best possible financial advice to those businesses who were interested in finding solutions to their funding problems. Since setting up I have helped raise millions for businesses but with the majority in the range £25k-£2m.

There isn’t always one “right” solution but often businesses are “sold” a solution based on whatever the salesperson in front of them is selling, even if there could be better options.

Not tied to any one funder or type of finance, I will gather the relevant information, identify the finance needs and the subsequent returns, and weigh up the benefits of debt versus equity. In that way I can suggest the best solution be that loan finance, equity finance or angel finance and all their myriad of variations.

As I began to help businesses to resolve their finance issues, I realised they often needed additional help with Business Plans, Cash-Flow Forecasts and Profit Forecasts and so with my extensive financial and business background, was able to use that experience to help create supporting information. And to complete the circle I often carry out small consultancy projects, mainly to assist with profitability improvements.

Types of Business Finance and Funding